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About Matthew

The Heart of Matthew’s abilities, offerings, and healing's are to render the Divine experience undeniably within your own being.  It should be an experience that lingers for days, that provides an unassailable lightness to your being.  A mixture of emotional, physical, and, at times most important, spiritual healing.  So many of us have become burdened with thoughts and beliefs that have cauterized our experience to life so much so we need a mystic to shake us from our own limits.  We have a gentle faith in healing but, perhaps, less conviction than that which comes with a lifetime of mystical healing.  It can be a great fortune to run into one great mystic in a lifetime, and I speak personally to say that I believe Matthew is a great fortune in a land where so many have lost faith in Jesus, the power of Presence, and their individual ability to experience God.

Matthew's gifts have a familiar beginning. His grandmother, Colleen, was a powerful intuitive healer who through the name and presence of Jesus saw many mystical miracles take place in her life.  At the time of her passing, she prayed that the mantle of healing come into Matthew’s life.  Instantly, as she placed her hand on his head, the Glory of God came upon him and began to shape the destiny that continues to reverberate to this day!

After years of mystical events in his own life, he began sharing them through “Nights of Healing”, initially encouraged by his Yoga teaching instructor Alan Lowenschus.  Matthew was originally a Pentecostal minister in Florida, and now, through the "Nights of Healing", is finally getting back to his roots in a new way sharing his own unique offering of intuitive guidance, readings, healing, and Presence.

 After many successful meetings, Matthew was called to begin holding We Are One Gatherings.  Starting in Fayetteville, Ar and then in Tulsa, Ok, the Gatherings were created to address the greater need for more authentic Presence and healing in some of the communities he loves.  Out of the Gatherings came an entirely unique type of service that is absolutely spontaneous, authentic, experiential, and real.

The Gatherings in Tulsa became most fervent, and the community there so encouraging, Matthew answered the call from Spirit to move there.  With the move was the launching of  Marking a great chapter in Matthew’s life where his own brand and destiny blossomed more and more.

These days you can find Matthew living in Spirit, sharing his experience, wisdom, love, and blessings with all he encounters.  If you feel it’s time to move authentically into healing, Truth, Presence, the power of Jesus, then please don’t hesitate to answer your own inner call.  Matthew is very happy to meet with you, and I’m very happy for you to have such a blessed experience that is his meeting.  God Bless you and thank you for being you. "You are Perfect, You are Accepted, and You are Loved!"

               (bio written by Austin Bray)

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