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Patricia Barton Gibbons Reuther (mom)


My mom is my silent hero.  

She is not one for being in the limelight or for speaking out at events.  However, my mom is one of the most powerful women I have ever met!  First and foremost, she was able to successfully raise ME. HAHA this could not have been easy!  Growing up I was not “normal” I saw things, I heard things, I felt things and the way we were raised and taught is that those things were not of light, they were dark, and we called them demons. At the age of 5 when I had my first encounter with something from a different realm, it really rocked our household. For me it was the most terrifying thing I had ever encountered.  I know now that it was indeed something dark, and my parents protected me the best they knew how, I know it scared them as well.  Mom was and is the best of the best when it comes to loving me, listening, and giving advice, but in this situation, she really didn’t know what to do besides pray….so she prayed. I know that there were many many times in my life, that had my mom not been praying, I would have been dead or lost completely. 

When my biological father passed away, I was 10yrs old and my brother was 13yrs old. Mom had $13 to her name and had no idea what she was going to do. Looking back at this point in our lives, this is where my mom became a hero to me, I swear she has super human strength!!  She was able to make it through two funerals for my father.  All while most of the time maintaining her composure. She bounced back like nothing I have ever seen and faced this world with all her might! I will always be grateful to her, I have no idea how she got through that one!

One night when I was about 12 or 13, I was sitting in my grandmother’s living room with my mom, brother, grandpa and grandma. All of a sudden I was floating above the room and looking down and could see my body still sitting there watching TV and everyone else watching as well.  Then whap, I was back in my body and began to shake and quake uncontrollably, I tried to explain to everyone what happened to me, but no one understood, it just wasn’t something we knew anything about. These uncontrollable quaking shivers went through my body all night long as my mom held me in bed trying to comfort me.  My entire life, from beginning until now is chock full of stories like this, where she steps in and becomes that Hero with God like strength!  This is the reason my mom is THE most influential woman in my life! She taught what unconditional love looks like!  I love you mom, more than words or actions could ever express!!!


Colleen Gibbons (Grandma)


My Grandma, Colleen Gibbons is one of the most powerful women I’ve ever met.

As a kid I remember hearing her in church, I would be playing or drawing under the pew. Out of know where she would begin speaking in tongues, it sounded as if a Native American woman had stepped inside her and started talking, it was loud, booming and you could hear a pin drop in her huge church. A few moments later if no one else gave the interpretation of what she said, the English version would come through her. It always made the hair on head stand on end!  A little later in life (as teenager) she would begin to tell me stories of the miracles she witnessed back in the 50’s. Cancers disappearing in front of her eyes, blind eyes opening, goiters shrinking from the size of a melon until they were completely gone. All of this was wonderful, but they were only stories to me until one day I came down with a flu, I swore it was about to kill me. I was living a town over from her at the time and decided to go see grandma for some comfort. She always had twin size beds behind her rocker recliner in the living room for the grand kids to sleep on when they visited. As soon as I arrived and told her what was wrong, she said, “Go get in the bed”. I laid down, she turned around and walked towards the front door, she closed it and it slammed loud (her door was so heavy), she closed the blinds (no idea why), turns around and starts walking towards me. Both of her hands go up and the air and she began speaking in tongues. I could feel God instantly show up in the room while I was laying on the bed soaked in a fever. She gets to the side of the bed and lifts her hands high, then, drops both hands one on my chest and one on my stomach, when she does she loudly says, “Jesus” and began speaking in tongues again.  INSTANTLY I felt a flash of FIRE that shot from her hands to every cell of my being and all at once ever symptom, and I mean every symptom, left my body. I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up, the flu was completely gone!  Grandma and I were extremely close, and one day her and I were talking about the call and anointing on her life and she decided to laid hands on me and asked God to transfer the anointing from her to me when she passed. When she did, I hit the floor under the power of God.  Grandma passed back in 2003, but she never left me, she works with me closely during the gatherings and sessions. Moreover, I believe she will be there waiting for me when I make the transition to the other side!


Frankie Walker (spiritual Mother)


Back in the mid 90’s God placed me in the presence of Frankie Walker! 

I noticed that every time she touched someone, the Glory of Heaven would consume them.  More times than not, those individuals would end up on the floor under the heavy ecstasy of Divine Love. It was not long before Frankie took me under her wing and began teaching me how to see in the Spirit and hear the voice of God. It was such an intense time in my life; I saw things I never knew possible.  I remember one day she gave me the mic and said, “Go”.  I was like, “ummmm”. That day I heard the heart of God for every single person there. The next time we got together, she did the same thing. This time though, made me sing it instead of say it, all of a sudden songs came out of my spirit that rhymed and had rhythm, as it was coming out of my mouth (it was amazing) I didn't know what word was going to come out next. I learned to start trusting God for this insight.   HAHA Frankie was and is not afraid to trust God for EVERYTHING!  She would say, “stir it up”, meaning she wanted me to pray in tongues until I felt the anointing of God or began to hear things for others. It didn’t take long before it started happening and happening fast.  One day I showed up to one of her meetings and she had everyone (about 50 people) stand in a huge circle holding hands. She whispered to me, “the presence of God is going to come upon individuals, when this happens, tell me who you see it rest on and I will lay hands on them." I was a tiny bit skeptical, but you never told Frankie no!  I waited for a few minutes and all of a sudden, I begin to see these wavy things surround a person and I would point them out to her and she would say yes. I stood behind the person, she walked in front of them and barely touched them, and they would hit the floor.  One at a time this happened till all 50 people were on the floor under a heavy presence.  She looked at me and said, "now it’s our turn," she grabs my hand and a wind like wave hit us and BOOM we were on the floor!!! This continued for a couple years, studying under Frankie, she is one of the most influential people in my life and I will always be grateful for the time I was able to spend with her!

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